letters from friends

from Sally Woodall
On Valentine’s Day, my daughter took  a break from packing for camp and went outside. She noticed a Tabby cat get up from lying in the grass and walk behind a car. The car backed up and hit him. He fell over, then stood up and shook his head. After a while he headed our way and came up to my daughter. On our Porch they sat and introduced themselves. She found out that he was malnutrition, has a hurt paw and a sore on his head. The two of them cuddled for some time.
     I came out to see what she was up to and had noticed that she wasn’t indoors packing. I told her to come in when I found her outside. From that moment on, she tried and tried to introduce me to the Tabby. I was head strong because I knew that we were getting ready to move and she was about to talk me into keeping him. I refused to get close because I have a soft heart.
       She begged me to continue to feed and look after him while she was away at camp. He ate well that weekend. Pot Roast w/ carrots and potatoes, leftovers from work and lunch meat, along with plenty of water. I checked on him often and worried when I didn’t see him. After he ate, I held him and already became somewhat attached.
      When my daughter came back from camp, she called for him. They sat and bonded for the rest of the day. Her legs gave her problems when she finally got up to go inside. The next time she went to check on him she noticed that the neighbors were cussing, yelling, kicking and throwing stuff at him, so she called him over.
      Another time she was on the porch with him and the neighbors were stating to one another that they were trying to get rid of him any way they could. For example; running him over, kicking him and so forth. My daughter got up and went inside to tell me. I said, “oh no, I am putting an end to that!” I prepared him a room and bed in the laundry room. I then told my daughter to go get him. A lot more was said by the neighbors so we kept him inside.
The next day, he waited until we weren’t looking and ran upstairs and hopped onto my bed. A couple days later I gave in. From that day he sleeps with me in my room.
       I planned on finding him a home. At work a friend told me about SPAR, so I called that minute and left a message. To my surprise, I got a call back the next day, and we set up a Vet appointment ASAP. When we got in the room, two SPAR ladies showed up. We had him checked out and had an X-Ray done. The doctor came in and gave, who now is called Gregory Hoppers, to me. He called us into the next room to have a look at the X-Rays. MY HEART was struck when we found out that the cause of his arm being bent had to do with being shot in the past. Bullet debree was all around his arm. He was given up to date Vacs and was scheduled to be fixed for the next visit.
        We took him home and planned on fostering him due to the offer from the SPAR ladies. My compassion for him rose and we grew closer and closer.
        He fattened up and became frisky. His personality came out more and more. He does so many things that make him unique. He turns his head like an owl but not all around, thank God. He stretches one paw, very slowly and places it on my face, and then he slowly brings his paw down as if he is petting me. He reaches up like a toddler, for me to pick him up and tells a story with his eyes, every time that he looks into my eyes.
        We moved to our new apartment and are very happy with him. I didn’t know that all this time that the ache and loneliness in my heart was for him. I decided to be his MOM so I am going to adopt him soon, since he had adopted us already.
       I found out that this Valentine’s Day, God really was sending me a male to sweep me off of my feet but, in a form of a Tabby named, Gregory Hoppers.